Work an Hour per month for MP

You might be wondering, is an exclusive site designed for metallurgist and people who deal with materials. Often you think that, why not we can be a part of this.

Yes. There is a window wherein, you can join us in providing services to the community. Metallurgical Professionals, establishes a platform just like “community of the people, for the people and by the people”. By giving people the power to share, they are making the metallurgical world more transparent.

All you have to do is spend an hour per month which makes the MP site active. You can choose your convenient date and convenient module to support us.

No matter who you are. You can be a Working Professional or a Student or a graduation completed student seeking for a Job. It is all about just sparing your free time on the dedicated day for the dedicated module.

The nature of the support:

All we request is to sit for an hour on the dedicated day of the month, and search for opportunities say Jobs, college admissions, symposiums, conferences, competitive exams related.

If you found anything newly arise within the week, you can compile the information and post it in MP site through proper channel. That’s it. Your job is complete.

It will be verified by Automatic verification system and approved by admin and it will be posted in the site.